• aaryaaaryaI have joined this website and I must say that these worksheets are an excellent resource for teaching and learning. Also they are fully differentiated which is what the teachers need in the classroom. Moreover, it is real value for money and truly speaking I have not come across such worksheets before in whole of my teaching career of 40 years. Well done.


  • Kimba46Kimba46The Cazoom worksheets bring instant differentiation in lessons right from starter activities to plenaries. Planning lesson with imbedded differentiation for all tiers of learning became easy with focus on progression. My classroom practice has experienced accelerated learning because pupils saw how and why different styles of questioning demanded different skills in applying mathematics....

Top Worksheets!

  • Algebra. Level 6. Equations. Solving Linear Equations (C).pdf
    31 times for a week
  • Number. Level 6. Fractions. Adding and Subtracting Fractions.pdf
    27 times for a week
  • Algebra. Level 5. Equations. Solving Linear Equations (B).pdf
    26 times for a week